What is Optopus?

Optopus is an online platform where you can design your own personalized sunglasses (custom shape of the frame, custom colors, custom text on the frame, etc.) easily online. After the design process you can order your creation and we 3D print your frame, equip it with UV protected lenses and deliver it to your home.

How does it work?

  1. You select the basic style which you want to customize
  2. You can customize the shape of the frame with our online software in real time
  3. You can choose the colors of the frame and the lens
  4. If you want, you can write some text on the frame
  5. You adjust the size of the sunglasses
  6. You can virtually try on and order your creation

What can I personalize with the software?

With Optopus you can personalize the shape of the frame, the colors of the frame and the lens and you can write text on the sunglasses.

How can I try on the designs?

After designing you can try on your creation and check that the size and the style suit your face with a virtual trying on solution using your photo (later your webcam).

Why do you use 3D printing technology for manufacturing the sunglasses?

Because the industrial 3D printing technology allows us to produce your unique designs in really high quality and in a cost-effective way at the same time.

How is the quality of the Optopus sunglasses compared to the ones available in optics stores?

After 3D printing the frames we apply our unique further treatments to increase the quality of our products. After that process our glasses have the same quality as the ones available in optics stores.

Do your products have UV protection?

Yes, of course. All of our products are equipped with UV protected sunglasses lens.

When can I try the service?

We are working on the development of our service all day all night, so hopefully you can try it this year. If you want to try it earlier than the others you can sign up for early access on our website.